I Thought I was Pregnant- I was 22, Without a Job and Single!

"Oh well... I was 22 and had sex with someone; it was not a one-night stand and we weren't in a relationship." Fourteen days after a non-penetrative sex on a day which I thought was my ovulation day, it was salient that I reminisced on my likelihood of having a fertilized egg which was probably... Continue Reading →

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Save That Coochie For You And Maybe For a Worthy Sex

Have you heard Don Jazzy, Big N and Kiss Daniel's new song titled, My Dear? You should download it as it's my present to you for making a trip to this post. Some time ago, I had a conversation with a friend and at some point, she mentioned, "sex for the first time." "Sex" is... Continue Reading →

How To Stay Commited To What You Do

I once stopped doing personal blogging because of a few reasons: 1. It exposes strengths and flaws. More emphasis on flaws because that is what we people of the earth know how to spot and dwell on. 2. Consequently from point 1, it brings criticisms. Lifestyle writing raises discussion and of course criticisms. Criticisms can... Continue Reading →

When You Meet The One You Love

Dear Dre,   How are you doing? It's been couple of days and I miss you already. I know you do too. Sorry about leaving you alone in school.   Let's put the greetings aside, I've come with my relationship grunts as usual. This time is actually not about me but about her. Snap out of that... Continue Reading →

The Beauty Behind The Madness

"The Beauty Behind The Madness"I saw this on a friend's whatsapp status and I pondered on what could be his own madness. Possibly the hairstyle he cuts, often shaping his head in an oblong shape while the hair is left to grow as high as possible thus making it look like a cock's comb. And... Continue Reading →

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